The Kinosao Sipi Minisowin Agency will assist in the development and delivery of programs and services directed to promoting the best interest of Norway House Cree Nation members and preserving family unity.


Norway House Cree Nation is to be a safe, nurturing and caring community where healthy and responsible families live.

  • Children will be raised with honour, respect, love and guidance so as to acquire the skills to become good and productive citizens.
  • Families to gain, promote, and preserve culturally appropriate values and beliefs.



  • To deliver child and family services programs in the community that reflects the tradition, culture, and values of Norway House Cree Nation.
  • To educate the community regarding the role and mandate of Minisowin as a child caring agency.
  • To promote family planning for child safety, parental skill development and to preserve family unity.
  • To work as an agency team and with community resources in order to strengthen the working relationships, programming and services.
  • To utilize the assistance of elders and extended family for advice, guidance and direction in case planning and programming.
  • To provide education opportunities for agency participation in planning, management and delivery of programs and services. 

Committed to Healthy Communities,
Children, and Families